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GSoC Week 10: Multiplayer and Character Skinning

Posted on July 19th, 2018

It's in the last couple of weeks for Google Summer of Code! This week I worked on improvements for adding and removing particles, and character skinning for players. For the particle system, I now handle cases where the player drops the flag through placing it into the world, by checking for it in the onInventorySlotChanged event: // Checks if player puts down flagitem = event.getOldItem();if (itemIsFlag(item)) { removeParticleEmitterFromPlayer(player); player.removeComponent(HasFl...

GSoC Week 8: Scoring Goals and Second Evals

Posted on July 12th, 2018

Another week has passed for Google Summer of Code, and more work has progressed! This week I've largely been working on changes to last week's code based on suggestions for refactoring, and adding in components to help with various checks and code clarity. I've gone through much of the code for the AttackSystem and ScoreSystem to make it more understandable, and to add some needed null hardening. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for this week, though, has been an issue of detecting comp...

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