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Game Jams!

Posted on March 4th, 2018

Worked on two game jams recently and wanted to share what I worked on here! Global Game Jam (theme: Transmission): Worked on UI design / implementation for Patient Zero, where you get to be an infection spreading through the body! Made in Unity in 48 hours, with a team from Iowa State. Play here: Twine Games Jam (theme: retelling fairytale or legend): Completed Daedalus, a game made with Unity and Twine. It is a retelling of the st...

Let's Make A Super Simple Unity Game! Part 1: Movement

Posted on February 7th, 2018

Before you start, download Unity here: Let's start with the basics -- Take a look at the Hierarchy, Scene Window, Inspector, and Assets pane. What do each of them do? Look at how to manipulate the Scene Window -- zoom in, out, pan. Look at how to make new objects by right-clicking in the Assets or Hierarchy pane (and what the difference is) Look at how to select objects and change their properties either using W, E, R or changing values in the Inspe...

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