Another week has passed for Google Summer of Code, and more work has progressed!

This week I've largely been working on changes to last week's code based on suggestions for refactoring, and adding in components to help with various checks and code clarity. I've gone through much of the code for the AttackSystem and ScoreSystem to make it more understandable, and to add some needed null hardening.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for this week, though, has been an issue of detecting components of elements that are being picked up by the player, namely the flag being carried not being able to be detected through checks for having a BlackFlagComponent or RedFlagComponent. This I've been told could be solved using the AddToBlockBasedItem annotation, and this is something I'm hoping to test out as soon as possible.

I also worked on some other features that are important for the gameplay as a whole:
-The player can now tag their home base even if they are not holding the flag to score a point for their team
-The game now takes into account when a team reaches a set number of points (the goal score), and has logic to handle this (for instance, resetting the game objects and score and teleporting players back to the platform).
-Changing the UI of the black score to black instead of gray

Red has scored!

Hoping to figure out these issues with the flag components quickly, then move on to other features, such as adding a particle effect to the player holding the flag, and adding a timer to rounds.

PRs for this week: